All the small things

Some time had passed and I began to be drawn to photography, but I did not have a camera to obtain the desired outcomes. Actually, the attraction began when a friend of mine bought an entry-level Nikon DSLR and the results he got in terms of model car photography really impressed me; and the thing worth mentioning is that he used a pretty simple set-up: two softboxes and a heavy paper background. And to be frank with you, that is really the simplest recipe for a good studio shot.

I set my goal to getting a camera like that in the then-near future. Of course, when you have a never-ending list of models to buy, the opportunity and budget for a new hobby is somehow permanently postponed. But when my friend decided to upgrade his gear and sell his first camera, I also decided to buy it in order to see if photography will catch on to me or not.

I got my camera in the last day of the month, a perfect opportunity to take a photo and enter it in our forum’s monthly photo contest. If I remember correctly, that month’s theme was something like “the relationship between a model car and objects in full scale”. And of course, nothing I had around the house would have made a good background and a proper light source for a 1:18 model and that is why, for my subject, I chose a model in 1:87th scale: my Mercedes-Benz 170V made by BUB.

Prior to my first experience with the DSLR, I made sure to make my homework and learn the basics regarding the use of it, which was totally new to me. Aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO value, were all pretty easy and logical to understand, but the first time you see yourself with the camera in your hands it’s not that easy to make them work together. This is pretty much the result I got that evening.

01 BUB Mercedes-Benz 170V

It’s not a spectacular photo but I find it cute and I always like to keep the steps that marked my journey kept in a safe place. It always helps with the progress and yes, photography stuck to me!